Traditional Aboriginal art from the women of Kalumburu Western Australia

About us

Kalumburu Strong Women's Centre


The Kalumburu Strong Women's Centre has been working in partnership with the female artists of the Kalumburu community. Together we have realised the potential of setting up this micro-enterprise to support, financially, the women of this community. We have been amazed at the response and these women have gained confidence in their talent and see a brighter future. Thank you so much for your support of our Strong Women.

Our women's centre provides educational and prevention programs for domestic and family violence and short term refuge for women of the Kalumburu community.

Aims of project


The aim of this project is to build capacity in our female artists to reach their full potential.  Many women on this community face domestic and family violence in their daily lives.  We at the Kalumburu Strong Women's Centre believe that when you invest in helping women create a sustainable micro-enterprise that this will lead to a more financial and emotionally postitive impact in their world.  Giving them more options  and tools to deal with situations that occur in their daily lives.

Kalumburu community


 Kalumburu is located on the banks of the King Edward River in the far north of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. This location was chosen because of the abundance of fresh water and is only 15 kms from where the river empties into Napier Broome Bay. 

 The area experiences what is described as a dry, tropical climate, with a cool, dry winter (May - September) and a wet, humid summer (October - April). The average "wet season" rainfall is 48 inches and is received as monsoon and thunderstorm downpours.

The community of Kalumburu is populated by approximately 500 people, mainly of aboriginal decent.